General Demon Brake Pads

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  • All Metallic Bronze Washed Pads containing Copper, Tin, Graphite and other Metallic elements with Nonferrous filaments
  • Provides Instant Braking Performance in wet or muddy conditions with Exceptional Stability in all temperatures
  • The High Density Builds Material results in consistent friction across a full range of operating temperatures and reducing Brake fade at high temperatures
  • High Temperature Resistance - Lowers The Brake Fade Ration at High Temperatures
  • Suited for Different Terrains - Works in Wet, Dusty, Muddy & Sandy Terrains
  • Easy To Install - If you can change your car's disc brakes then it is very easy for you to install on ATVs/UTVs
  • Warranty - Backed By 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • Perfect blend of leading innovations and superior workmanship
  • Manufactured to offer high value and everlasting reliability
  • Strict quality control ensures conformance to safety standards


  • (2) Heavy Duty All Metalic Sintered Brake Pads

Demon Powersports® come to work every day to provide a pure performance product to all off-road enthusiasts. Demon Powersports lives in unsafe terrains such as sand dunes, trails, mud and rocks, Demon Powersports is dedicated to products that are reliable and ready to tackle anything off-road. Demon Powersports has been a part of the off-road industry for over 4-years and built its brand around product quality and service.